Board of Selectmen

  • Jason Bridges and Rita Higgins won the two open seats for three year terms on the Board of Selectmen in Tuesday’s Election.

Planning Board

  • Incumbent Nat Lowell was re-elected to a five-year seat.

Nantucket Islands Land Bank

  • Kristina Jelleme was elected to the Land Bank Commission.

Historic District Commission (HDC)

  • Ray Pohl (Incumbent) and Vallorie Oliver (former alternate and now a full member) were each elected to three year terms on the Historic District Commission.

School Committee

  • Dr. Tim Lepore and Zona Butler, both incumbents, were re-elected to three year terms on the School Committee.

Town Moderator

  • Sarah Alger, incumbent, was re-elected to a new term as Modertaor.

Shellfish and Harbor Advisory Board (SHAB)

  • Willis “Bill” Blount and Peter Brace, both incumbents, were each re-elected to the Shellfish and Harbor Advisory Board.

Nantucket Water Commission

  • Nelson “Snooky” Eldridge, incumbent, was reelected to the Nantucket Water Commission

 Siaconset Water Commission

  • Gerald Eldridge was a winning write-in candidate for a seat on the Sconset Water Commission.